The Tragedy of Florida Condo Collapse

The Tragedy of Florida Condo Collapse

USA: On June 24th, 2021, a forty-year-old, twelve-storied building named Champio Towers South in Florida, United States, collapsed partially. 11 members were injured, whereas 18 were dead on the spot. Fortunately, 35 people were rescued from the unaffected another half of the building, where 1 of them was rescued from the debris.

The rest 151 people are yet to be rescued from the rescue team. Recently, it was confirmed that 18 people died, and the rescue team is working on progress.

Champion Towers South Associates built this residential building, situated in Florida street, in the year 1981. It is reported that the construction ended within a year.

The initial report said that the cause of the sudden collapse was the documented defects. At the same time, there was an inspection going on the building’s condition as it was built forty years ago. In addition, it was detected that saltwater penetrated the swimming pool, resulting in critical cracking.

 Florida Condo Collapse

There are different opinions related to the causes of the collapse. However, it was found that there was a significant problem in the construction of the pool as the layer of waterproofing was not sloped, according to an inspection done in 2018 by an Engineering firm, namely Morabito Consultants.

On June 27th, based on the Miami Herald interview of six engineering experts, the problem was summarized that the concrete slab below the pool or the structural column was the main reason for the deck being collapsed on the garage, resulting in the formation of a crater under the tower.

As mentioned earlier, there are 145 missing cases of the residents, where ninety-four belonged to the United States, twenty from Israel, nine from Argentina, four from Venezuela, six from Columbia, six from Paraguay, four from Canada, three from Uruguay, one from Chile, and one from the United Kingdom.

Eighty rescue teams supported the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department by responding to the incident on the 24th of June.

On the 30th of June, the rescue team found six dead bodies comprising two children, a wife, and others probably unidentified. The death rate increased while it decreased the rate of missing cases to 145.

A resident has also filed a lawsuit against the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association by asking for $5 million as compensation for their losses.

The rescued residents were highly concerned about their pets after they evacuated from the place.

The rescue team is dedicated enough to their work and has decided to rescue the missing residents. The search team is also doing a formidable job, and it is reported that they’ve removed nearly three million pounds of waste and scrap. “We will not give up on anyone, and we are leaving nobody behind,” says Mayor Charles Burkett, Surfside, on the 30th of June in an interview.

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